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What is the process to be followed if I choose to drop the cheque in ICICI ATM drop box?

  • You may drop your cheque at any of ICICI Bank ATMs or Branches The account number of Rediff is 032005000449. The payee name to be written on the cheque is " India Ltd"
  • Send us the cheque details:
    There are two ways through which you may submit the cheque details: -
    1. SMS
      You may SMS us the cheque details at 7333 in the following format: CHQ 123456 3222222, where 123456 is your cheque number and 3222222 is your order number.
    2. Online Submission
      If you have selected "I will drop cheque in ICICI ATM" as the mode of payment, you may submit the details asked for online while placing the order. Once you select the ICICI ATM/Branch Drop as your mode of payment, you shall be shown your order number on the next page. On this page there is a provision (now/ later) to submit the details. You may click on "now" and submit the details then itself. If you do not have your cheque details handy then you could send it in the form, which will be emailed, to you once your order number is generated.
  • If we do not receive/receive incorrect details, though your account is debited for the order amount, we will be unable to ship your order. Please contact us again and give us the cheque and bank details.
  • The order shall be approved in 2-3 working days, when the Rediff account is credited.
  • Please write the order number and your mobile phone number on the back of the cheque.

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