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How will my product be delivered to my address?

After winning the bid, you will be prompted to enter the relevant details to complete the order and make a successful delivery of the product.
At the stage of entering the details of the order, you are permitted to choose the address to where you would like to have the order delivered.
You could choose to send the order to the address mentioned by you at the initial time of registration.
You could choose to send the order to another address.
You could choose to send the order as a gift to another address. By choosing to send the order as a gift, the system will allow you to enter a message and delivery date for your order.

Our logistics partners deliver orders from Rediff Shopping. Subject to the availability of stock, our minimum lead-time for delivery of any product varies according to the vendors. Normally, the lead-time for delivery for every product is mentioned at the bottom of the product page.

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