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How will my refund be processed?

A refund is processed based on the mode of payment.

  • Credit card refunds are done back to the credit card itself and will feature in the following monthly billing statement.
  • Net banking refunds are done back to the bank account.
  • Under certain conditions, despite whichever mode used for payment, refunds will be done via Rediff gift certificates. The area as applicable for refund via Rediff gift certificate is as follows:

    1. Address not correct.
    2. Recipient not available
    3. Refused to accept.
    4. Requesting cancellation before dispatch
    5. Customer wants to return, as he does not like the product.
    6. All courier charges for replacements.
    7. Any quality issues.

  • In all of the above conditions, a Rediff gift certificate will be awarded to the customer. This will be sent to the email id mentioned at the time of registering the order. The mail will also carry the steps and procedure to redeem the Rediff gift voucher.

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