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How do I write a mail in the language I want?

Your Rediffmail lets you write mails in 11 Indian languages. To write a mail in a regional language:
  • Click on ‘Write Mail’.
  • Choose the desired language (eg. Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati etc.)
    Suppose we choose Hindi as the language you want to write a mail in
  • A layout appears below.

    Note: Windows XP users will get the following message below: Click here to install the following ActiveX control: ‘Rediffmail Compose Language’ from ‘ India Limited’. Click on ‘Install Active X’ > ‘Install’. This happens only once for each language.

  • Now start typing. As you type, the English text gets replaced by Hindi words.
  • Incase you would like to have a virtual typewriter choose the and click on
  • After your mail has been composed, click on ‘Send’ and send the mail.

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