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What is an Attachment?

Attachments are files (e.g. word files, photographs, presentations, sound files etc.) that can be attached along with your message. With Rediffmail, you can attach up to 20 files at a time, with the total mail size going up to 10 MB (max).

To attach a file:

  • Click on ‘Write Mail’ > ‘Attachments’ > ‘Browse’.
  • A window opens, displaying the available files on your computer.
  • Choose the file and click ‘Open’.
  • The path of the file appears in the window. Eg: C:\ My Documents\Desktop\wow.jpg
  • Click on ‘Attach’.
  • The attached file appears in the window below under ‘List of attached file(s)’
  • To attach more file, repeat the above steps.
  • Once you have attached all the files, click on done. You can attached up to 20 attachments. The file size however should not exceed 10 mb.
  • Enter the contact details and click on ‘send’ to send the attachment.

- To remove an attachment, click on it in the ‘List of attached file(s) window’ > ‘Remove’.
- To close the entire window or if you want to remove all the files attached, click ‘Cancel’.

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