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"I am not getting email alerts on my mobile phone"

SMS Mail alerts are SMS messages that are sent to your mobile phone whenever you receive an email in your Inbox.

  • You can recieve email alerts only if you recieve email from that particular email address that you have set in your     "Get Alerts" Section.

  • The most probable reason that you are not receving email alerts is due to your Email alerts been Set off ,Check     whether the Email alerts Status that you have set in the "Get Alerts" section is showing "OFF". This means that the alerts are on and you have to push the button if you want to turn them off.

  • Check for the availablity of SMS , If you have used up the full quota of your allocated SMS then you will not be able     to receive email alerts

  • Check for the correct Mobile number,Please confirm whether you have entered the correct mobile number. If     not,then SMS to Rediff at 7333 'IN username password' to 7333 to login from your new mobile number ,your new     mobile number will be directly registered with us.

  • Check for your account status whether it is Expired or not.Please note that your Rediffmail Mobile subscription is     valid for a year only.

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