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"I don't intend to renew my Rediffmail Mobile account. Will I still be able to access my mail ?"

You will still be able to access your mails.

However, the features which will NOT be available are :

1. Large Mailbox size
Free Rediffmail users will have a maximum of 1 GB storage space and not more than that. Please check your account size if it is more than 1 GB you will not be able to send and recieve mails henceforth, so please delete some of your mails so that you can have your Rediffmail work normally for you.

2. POP3 & SMTP access
You will not be able to configure your Rediffmail account with Outlook Express anymore if you are a free Rediffmail user.

3.Send SMS and Get Alerts.

4.Forward incoming mails to other accounts

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