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"Whenever I try to send any mail through my Outlook Express I get an error message"

The most common reason why users have a problem with sending/receiving mails using Outlook Express is because the Outlook Express client has not been configured correctly. This could happen due to your connection to the internet failing at the time of configuration of your client.

To set this right, please follow these steps:

1. Please remove the present entry from your Outlook Express, and download once again from Rediffmail.
2. Please ensure that you are connected to the internet when your Outlook Express is configured automatically.
3. Please ensure that you stay connected to the internet even after your download is complete.

If you are behind a proxy, then please follow the steps given below:

1. Open Outlook Express, click Tools on the top menu bar and then select Accounts.
2. Now select your Rediffmail account by clicking on it and then click the Properties button on the right.
3. Now select the Servers tab. Here, check the following :

      a. Incoming Server (POP3) :
      b. Outgoing Server (SMTP) :

4. Next, check if you have entered the full and correct email address in the Account Name Field (e.g ).
5. Make sure the option "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" is NOT selected.
6. Next, select the option below which says "My server requires authentication" and then click the "Settings" button on the right.
7. Now, select the option "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" and then click OK, click OK again and then click Close.

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