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What is an order status?

After an order is registered with There are various status that determines the position of the order. The status as would be visible for your order is as below:
  • Registered - The order is placed by you and is registered within the system. The payment is still to be received for the same.
  • Awaiting Cheque / DD - The order is registered by you using the option of sending cheque, pick up cheque or ICICI Atm drop box. The status is changed to 'Awaiting Chq / DD' until the payment is cleared from the bank.
  • Awaiting Confirmation - At certain situations, for security reasons, a clarification is required on the payment and until the same is received, the order status will read as 'Awaiting Confirmation'.
  • COD Confirmation Required - For orders chosen under cash on delivery option, certain situations require a confirmation of the order from the customer via email. Until the same is received, the status reads as 'COD Confirmation Required'.
  • Awaiting Bank Approval - Payment option chosen is net banking and we wait for the online approval from the bank stating the debit of the amount from the customer's account.
  • Approved - The payment for the order is received and order will be processed further. In case of Cash on Delivery, order is stated as Approved, but payment will be collected at the time of delivery.
  • Declined - The payment has not been cleared by the bank and the order will not be processed further.
  • Cancelled - Post registering an order, customer requests for cancellation. In this situation, the order is NOT charged for.
  • Closed - If the option chosen is net banking or cheque / dd and the payment for the order is not received over a period of 15 days, then the order is 'closed' and not processed further.
At any given point, if an order is in any of the above status, the same is communicated to the customer via email.

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