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Deal Ho Jaye FAQ

Deal Ho Jaye is a service which offers you access to fabulous deals at discounted rates at various Restaurants, Spas, Retreats, Gaming Zones, Multiplexes, Salons and lots more across India.

  • "What is Deal Ho Jaye?"
  • "How do I use Deal Ho Jaye services?"
  • "How do I make the Advance payment?"
  • "How do I pay the balance amount?"
  • "When will I get my coupon?"
  • "How many coupons I can buy for the same deal?"
  • "For how long is the coupon valid?"
  • "Can I redeem the coupon on someones behalf?"
  • "Do I need to visit Deal Ho Jaye every day to check the deals?"
  • "How do I know if required number of people are met to close the deal?"
  • "What if the minimum required numbers of people are not met- how do I get refund for advance amount paid?"
  • "Will I be able to get refund if I am unable to redeem coupon within the validity period?"
  • "Are there any additional charges that need to be paid at the outlet?"
  • "Can I opt for different services at the outlet?"
  • "Whom should I contact in case I need any assistance?"