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Welcome to Rediffmail Customer Care
Top 5 Questions Asked
"I have lost my password and am unable to log into my account."
"I am getting unwanted mails in my Inbox. How can these mails be stopped?"
"I have deleted an important mail, please tell me how to recover the same?"
"I need to to find out the place and server from where this mail was sent"
"I can't send or receive any messages from my mail account."
All About Passwords
"I cannot log in to my mail box. Everytime I encounter a problem and the message says "Sorry log in failed"
"I tried to find the password using the "Forgot Password" option. But it asks for my hint answer which I don't remember."
"I want to change my password. What should I do?"
"Tell me how I can protect my password?"
How Do I Control Spam?
"What is spam?"
"What is the Rediff Spam Policy?"
"What is bulk mail , which mails are put into the bulk mail folder and how do they get deleted?"
"I have been receiving dirty mails since a long time and though I am blocking them, I continue to receive them."
"My adult and junk mail filter are active, Yet I get 35 to 50 junk mails in my inbox and bulk mails."
"I have blocked some of the email address which are very important, please let me know how to unblock them"
"Please do not send me messages on offers and shopping".
Using Rediffmail
"Please tell me how to set up outlook express for my free rediffmail account."
"When I try to delete my messages it asks me to empty the trash holder. What should I do now?"
"I want more messages displayed at once in my inbox. How can I set the number?"
Some of my mails have started going to Bulk Mail. How can I stop these as some of these mails are coming from friends?"
"I want to increase my mailbox size, tell me how I can do it? "
"I want to close my account, please tell me the procedure."
I have Problems Using Rediffmail
"I am unable to attach any document. Please let me know the reason."
" I am unable to open the attachments in my mail"
"Whenever i open my mail I get a message that says "Sorry.Your session is not valid. Please login again"
"I am not able to login into my account"
"Rediffmail is very slow for the past few days. What is the matter?
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