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"I have mailed you a cheque/ Demand Draft but I have'nt received any confirmation of activation."

You can place an order for Rediffmail Pro using either your Credit Card or opting to pay by Cheque/Demand Draft. Paying by Credit Card is the fastest way of getting your Rediffmail Pro account activated. it usually takes about 24 hours after placing the order. If you pay by Cheque/DD, then your account gets activated in about 24 -48 hours after we receive the Cheque / DD.

If you have paid and find that your account has not been activated yet, it could be due to one of the following reasons:
  • Your cheque/Demand Draft has not been received by us.

  • You have drawn the cheque / DD in the wrong name.
  • If the order value and the cheque value is different.

  • The order number is not mentioned behind the cheque or a wrong order number is mentioned behind the cheque.

    We would further request you to get back to us with the payment details like the cheque/demand draft number, order number the date of issue and the bank on which it was drawn. Also, let us know how the payment was sent to us and on which date. This will help us investigate this issue and get your account activated at the earliest.

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