Common FAQ’s On Migration

1) Migration activity will take how much time
A – This is totally dependent on the volume of data & number of users you are migrating. Bandwidth & Latency between RediffmailPro & Existing Provider also matters. We are already tuned for maximum throughput while migrating from Gsuite & Microsoft O365.

2) How many user can be migrated at a time.
A – This depends on the total number of users,  50-100 users can be migrated simultaneously. It is suggested to perform the activity in batches if the total count of numbers are high.

3) What will happen to the data in my source mailbox.
A – Data migration using IMAP facility is like copy & paste, no data will be removed from the source mailbox.

4) I have data in PST, how can this be migrated.
A – Migration using IMAP is the best suggested as it is much faster & without any complications. However if PST is the only option then you can send the data through online or offline available means & the migration activity will be done from your end. You need to co-ordinate with your account manager for this migration activity.

5) How do i know if migration is completed
A – The migration tool provided to you has an Admin Tab, you need to login with admin credentials to monitor the migration status.

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