Migration with Rediffmailpro

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Common FAQ’s on Migration

1) Migration activity will take how much time A – This is totally dependent on the volume of data & number of users you are migrating. Bandwidth & Latency between RediffmailPro & Existing Provider also matters. We are already tuned for maximum throughput while migrating from Gsuite & Microsoft O365. 2) How many user can […]

Steps for Email Migration

It is recommended to perform email migration as per steps given below: 1) Create the email addresses in RediffmailPro server. 2) To prevent any kind of data loss it is suggested to point the domain MX record to RediffmailPro (new mails will come on Rediffmailpro & old data can be migrated). 3) Access the Migration […]

Migrate emails from Gsuite & O365

Data Migration allows you to seamlessly migrate email data of your current email server to the email services in RediffmailPro Enterprise Edition. You can easily Migrate emails from Gsuite and O365 or any other cloud  or local email service provider with the Migration Tool by Rediffmailpro. You can migrate emails, contacts and calendars in the […]

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